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Department of Architecture

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Head of Department:
prof. Akad. arch. Mikuláš Hulec
Renée Weichertová
CTU Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department of Architecture
Thákurova 7
166 29 Praha 6
(+420) 224 354 717, (+420) 224 355 475

A few words about

The study of architecture and its incorporation in the subjects taught at the Faculty of Civil Engineering has a long tradition. The Department of Architecture provides instruction in courses oriented towards architectural theory and its application in individual architectural subjects. These are, in particular, History of Architecture, Art History, Architectural Drawing, Architectural Composition, Building Science and principally Studios.
The department supervises instruction in bachelor study programme Architecture and Building Engineering, following master study programme Architecture and Building Engineering. The department is also responsible for doctoral degree study (programme Architecture and Building Engineering with branches Architecture and Building Engineering and Sustainable development and industrial heritage.
The aim is to provide graduating architects with a broader civil engineering background so that they may be in charge of the entire construction process - acting as creative specialists in the conceptual design stage and the design of all types of buildings at all project phases, including the authorship of technical solution concepts, working in the position of project team coordinators, project managers (Engineers, correctly Architects), being prepared for performing architectural and technical supervision, careers in governmental agencies and state authorities, at research establishments and in other areas both within and outside the sector of capital construction.

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