Doctoral Degree Program Physical and Material Engineering


The branch of study is oriented towards fundamental research in the development, detection and assessment of functional characteristics of advanced as well as classical materials. Applications are primarily in the field of building materials, research into composite materials offers a wider potential for practice. There are many experienced, internationally renowned tutors with a high h-index available in the branch.

The topics of dissertation theses cover durability, the utilization of secondary raw materials, research and development of multi-functional materials and materials with special characteristics. They are designed to encompass the whole field of material engineering. In particular, they include experimental and theoretic analysis of the transfer and accumulation of heat, moisture and chemical substances in building materials, the methodology of controlled optimal design of building materials and their multi-layer systems and the testing, assessment and modifications of functional properties of building materials and their systems under different conditions, all the way from research laboratories to completed building structures. The activities cover a large variety of building materials from mortars, gypsum plasters, concretes and bricks to insulation materials, sealants and composite materials and their surfacing.

The graduates from the branch of study are sought after experts not only in the academic sphere, but also in the building industry and building material production. They easily obtain postdoctoral positions at international workplaces. The branch is characterised by a high success rate of study.