Doctoral Degree Program Structural and Transportation Engineering


Study at the doctoral level, in the first stage, includes subjects of theoretical background (like Mathematics, Structural Mechanics, Structural Analysis, Theory of Elasticity, Concrete and Masonry Structures, Steel and Timber Structures, Soil Mechanics, Traffic engineering, Road and Railway construction) and aims to deepen the knowledge of graduates in engineering structures and transportation construction. The next step is the State Doctoral Examination that is to test the scope and quality of the students´ knowledge within the entire specialization and their ability to acquire and implement new knowledge creatively. At this exam, doctoral degree students are expected to prove their professional theoretical knowledge covering their entire specialization. Finally, Ph.D. students have to submit and defend their doctoral thesis.

Graduates are ready for a career in research and education, as specialists in the design and planning, structural and dynamic analyses, construction, maintenance and modernization of engineering structures and bridges, traffic and underground structures, such as managers in organizations, institutions dealing with different types of traffic engineering and urban planning and public administration. They are able to work at a variety of positions which require the highest qualification.