Doctoral Degree Program Building Engineering


The graduates in the branch of Building Engineering acquire thorough professional and theoretical knowledge according to their orientation in the field of the design and theory of building structures, reliability, durability, rehabilitation and reconstruction of buildings, material engineering, building physics, acoustics and lighting, numerical analysis of building structures and their parts, health safety of buildings, fire safety of buildings, multi-criterion assessment of buildings with respect to sustainable development, recycling, evaluation of energy performance of buildings, specific problems of conservation and revitalization of listed buildings, design of intelligent building systems, building microclimate, inside environment technology, progressive technologies of building implementation, in the field of protection of buildings against increased moisture, degradation and biodegradation processes, probability theory and statistics and applied computer science. In individual specialization modules, the students may further enrich their professional profile with a balanced portfolio of advanced theoretic knowledge in natural sciences, mathematics, physics, chemistry and architecture. The graduates in the branch of Building Engineering have deep knowledge allowing them to apply in the analysis, design or erection of buildings the latest theoretical and numerical procedures based on accurate mathematical, physical and geometric models, they master in the necessary scope computer technology and relevant software applications and modern numerical procedures in solving practical problems.

The graduates in the branch of Building Engineering have the knowledge and skills required for the demanding performance of research, development, conceptual, structural and design tasks in the area of the design and assessment of building structures, being ready for a career of both independent qualified specialists and managers.