Doctoral Degree Program Water Management and Water Engineering


Doctoral studies in WEWM are directed at a wide spectrum of research topics in the scope of hydraulics and hydrology; hydrotechnical engineering; irrigation, drainage and landscape engineering; sanitary and ecological engineering. WEWM students are involved in research projects related to: surface and subsurface hydrology, river engineering, open channel flow and pipe flow, hydraulics of water structures, transport of sediments and contaminants, flood protection and revitalization of streams, design, construction and operation of hydraulic structures (such as weirs, waterways, locks, dams and hydro-power plants), soil and groundwater hydraulics, drainage systems and structures, irrigation systems, watershed protection and management, construction of ponds and special reservoirs, landscape design and conservation, erosion processes, protection of surface water and groundwater from pollution, hydrology of urbanized river basins, design and operation of water purification facilities and distribution networks, sewer systems and sewage treatment plants, swimming pools and spa facilities, etc. In all these areas of research, the emphasis is put on quantitative and interdisciplinary approach, application and advancement of modern experimental methods and utilization and development of mathematical models.

In academia - as researchers and university teachers in a broad variety of water related subjects (in the realm of technical, natural and agricultural sciences). As highly valued experts in the respective fields of commercially based consulting. As leading professionals in water industry.