Department of Applied Informatics


Vedoucí katedry:
doc. Ing. Dalibor Vytlačil, CSc.
Jana Pavlová
ČVUT v Praze, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department of Applied Informatics
Thákurova 7
166 29 Praha 6
(+420) 224 354 514

Krátká charakteristika

The pedagogical and research activities of the department focus on computer science and optimization modelling for the needs of the building industry and capital construction. The basis is formed by the following theoretical disciplines: mathematical modelling, computer systems and information technologies. These disciplines are applied in design and management in the building industry. A specific research focus of the department is on the analysis and information support for the management of building firms, construction and design offices, as well as the application and development of CAD and GIS systems in designing. The department provides instruction in optimization methods, systems modelling and information systems, particularly to students of economic branches. The department is equipped with a computer lab providing students with access to personal computers and to the university computer network. The department provides education to doctoral degree students in the branch of Systems Engineering in the Building Industry and Capital Construction.