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Department of Mechanics

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Head of Department:
prof. Ing. Jiří Máca, CSc.
Alexandra Kurfürstová
CTU Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department of Mechanics
Thákurova 7
166 29 Praha 6
(+420) 224 354 493, (+420) 224 310 775
(+420) 224 310 775

A few words about

The department provides tuition in subjects constituting the theoretical basis of most of the study branches of the Faculty of Civil Engineering (Engineering Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Statics and Dynamics of Building Structures, Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity of Materials, Experimental Analysis) for all branches of the Bachelor and Master degree study programmes of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Building Engineering and Civil Engineering (in English). The department supervises instruction in the Master degree branch of study “Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions” within the ERASMUS MUNDUS programme. Furthermore, the department participates in the instruction in doctoral degree study programmes in the branch of Building and Transportation Engineering, Physical and Material Engineering, Building Engineering and Water Engineering and Water Management, and offers courses in lifelong learning modules organized by other departments.
Research and development are focused on the analysis of structures based on modern computational and experimental methods. The staff members are engaged in research in the area of modern computational methods, experimental verification techniques, composite materials, porous materials and biomechanics.

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