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Experimental Centre

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Head of Department:
prof. Ing. Petr Konvalinka, CSc., FEng.
Alžběta Havlová
CTU Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Experimental Centre
Thákurova 7
166 29 Praha 6
(+420) 224 354 306, (+420) 224 354 331

A few words about

The Experimental Centre is used by the staff members of all departments and specializations focusing on the instruction in building structures and materials. The Centre offers favourable conditions for experimental research meeting the needs of instruction, work on specific grant and departmental projects, and cooperation with industry.
The Centre is organizationally divided into three mutually linked parts. The Material Laboratories perform technological evaluations, mainly production of experimental elements, structural parts or complete structures. The Testing Laboratories are equipped with technological apparatus and machinery necessary for performing mechanical, static, and dynamic tests of building structures and materials. The Measurement and Evaluation Centre collects experimental results using standard software as well as their own program

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