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IT Centre

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Head of Department:
Ing. Tomáš Líbenek
Alexandra Chrpová
CTU Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering
IT Centre
Thákurova 7
166 29 Praha 6
(+420) 2 2435 9727

For help, questions or complaints concerning IT, use primarily HelpDesk CTU ( In case of emergency only, please call 9700 (HelpDesk FCE).

A few words about

The Computing Centre supervises the operation of the computer rooms and specialized classrooms equipped with modern CAD systems. It supervises the technical and systems components of the computer network of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, including the connectivity to external network, as well as wireless networks in the faculty campus. The Centre is in charge of the information and directory components of the network.
The Computing Centre provides the Faculty with a technical background in the field of audiovisual technology, reprographic and printing services including DTP and large format printing, as well as computer hardware maintenance.
In cooperation with the Computing and Information Centre of the Czech Technical University, the Computing Centre of the Faculty of Civil Engineering provides for the technical and methodological aspects of the information system. At present, the most important parts of this IS include the study subsystem, the financial, personnel and payrole subsystems, the Library information system, Intranet and WWW presentations.

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