The Internal Regulation of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, was approved by the Academic Senate of the Czech Technical University in Prague on 6th November 2019.

doc. Ing. Jan Janoušek, Ph.D.
Chair of the Academic Senate of the Czech Technical University in Prague



Article 1

The regulations for study in Bachelor´s, Master´s and Doctoral Degree study programmes implemented at the Faculties of the Czech Technical University in Prague (hereinafter "CTU") are included in the Statute of CTU and, further, in the Study and Examination Code for Students of CTU (hereinafter "SEC"). This Code of Practice for Doctoral Degree Study at the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague (hereinafter "DSCP") regulates in detail the conditions for study in all accredited Doctoral Degree study programmes implemented at the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague (hereinafter "FCE").


Article 2
Course of Study

  1. Study in Doctoral Degree study programmes is regulated by the provisions of SEC.

  2. A study block consists of completing 6 compulsory professional courses plus potential other elective courses, linguistic preparation and Ph.D. student´s professional activity. The study block must be completed within 2 years from the start of study by students in full-time study and within 3 years from the start of study by students in combined study.

  3. Ph.D. students are obliged to pass at least two examinations in professional courses during the first year of study.

  4. A component part of the Individual Study Plan (hereinafter "ISP") content of Ph.D. students in full-time study is teaching practice. A Ph.D. student is obliged to start doing this practice no later than from the start of the second year of study. Prior to this practice, it is advisable to complete the course Doctoral Degree Propedeutics.

  5. At least once a year, the Ph.D. student´s progress is reviewed. A Ph.D. student is obliged to fill in the review form and send it off within the electronic application, FCE Doctoral Degree Students´ Evaluation.

  6. As part of linguistic preparation, each Ph.D. student studying in Czech is obliged to pass an examination in English (or submit a certificate pursuant to SEC). Completing language courses is not necessary if the Ph.D. student masters the language and is able to pass the examination according to the requirements of the Department of Languages.

  7. A component part of a Ph.D. student´s professional activity is the elaboration of a written study on the dissertation topic and a professional debate. The holding of the professional debate is regulated by "Regulations for Holding a Professional Debate in Doctoral Degree Study at FCE".

  8. A component part of study duties in a Doctoral Degree study programme is the completion of a part of study at an institution abroad at a length of at least one month, or participation in a creative international project whose results are published or presented abroad, or another form of previously approved participation in international cooperation approved by the Branch Board Chairperson at the Supervisor´s request.

  9. Holding the State Doctoral Examination (hereinafter "SDE") is regulated by SEC. Ph.D. students in full-time and combined study are obliged to pass SDE within 4 years from the starting of their study (with a potential extension by max. 1 year based on a justified application approved by the Dean).

  10. The defence of the dissertation is regulated by SEC. Together with the Application for Permission to Defend the Dissertation, a Ph.D. student is obliged to supply all enclosures specified in the Dean´s Directive for the Defence of Dissertations by FCE doctoral students.

  11. In the Dean´s Measure, the Dean sets out unambiguous criteria for the assessment of non-fulfilment of study duties pursuant to Art. 6, par. 5 of the Rules for Granting Scholarships of CTU, and further stipulates how the mandatory annual part of the scholarship under Art. 6, par. 1, letter c) of the Rules for Granting Scholarships of CTU will be reduced in the case of non-fulfilment of study duties.


Article 3
Transitional and Final Provisions

  1. In cases where study matters are within the Dean´s responsibilities, Ph.D. students address him/her with applications submitted via the Vice-Dean for Science and Research. They hand in their written applications at the Department of Science and Research.

  2. Justified exceptions to the provisions of this DSCP may be granted by the Dean based on a written application approved by the Supervisor, the Head of Department and the Branch Board Chairperson.

  3. In cases which are not regulated by the Statute of CTU, SEC or this DSCP, as well as in controversial cases, the decision is at the Dean´s discretion.

  4. Failure to meet the requirements set down by this DSCP is considered as non-fulfilment of study requirements and constitutes grounds for the termination of study pursuant to provisions of SEC.

  5. The duty stipulated in Art. 2 par. 8 above applies to Ph.D. students who were admitted to study after this regulation came into force.

  6. The duty stipulated in Art. 2 par. 9 above does not apply to Ph.D. students who started their study before 1st September 2013.

  7. The provisions under Art. 2 par. 11 start to be applied in December 2020, during the payment of the mandatory part of scholarships pursuant to Art. 6 par. 1 letter c) of the Rules for Granting Scholarships of CTU.

  8. The DSCP approved by the Academic Senate of CTU on 27th June 2018 is hereby cancelled.

  9. This DSCP was approved by the Academic Senate of FCE on 6th November 2019.

  10. This DSCP comes into effect on the date of its approval by the Academic Senate of CTU.


prof. Ing. Jiří Máca, CSc.
FCE Dean