Dean´s Measure No. 12/2020Ref. 12OD/921/2020

CIVIL ENGINEERING (Bachelor´s, Master´s),


In connection with the uniform amount of CTU tuition fees for studies in English (see Annex No. 5 to the Statute of CTU in Prague) and in accordance with the Scholarship Regulations of CTU in Prague Art. 4 par. 2e), I hereby grant students in Bachelor and Master degree study programmes of Civil Engineering (not applicable to SAHC and SUSCOS branches) and the Master degree study programme of Water and Environmental Engineering the following special-purpose scholarship:

  1. Conditions for granting the scholarship
    Student are eligible for the scholarship if they comply with the following criteria:
    1. study in one of the above study programmes in the standard period of study
    2. were students of the same study programme in the previous semester and, in addition,
      - obtained a minimum of 20 credit points
      - achieved a weighted study average lower than or equal to 2.500
    The following criteria apply for granting the scholarship in the first semester of the Master degree programme of Civil Engineering: Students studied in the Bachelor degree study programme of Civil Engineering in the previous semester where they obtained a minimum of 20 credit units and achieved a study weighted average lower than or equal to 2.500.

  2. Weighted study average calculation for the previous semester of study
    The weighted study average is calculated in the way specified in Art. 12 of the Study and Examination Rules for Students of CTU in Prague from all courses completed by an examination or a classified credit which the student has properly completed in the respective semester of study.

  3. Scholarship amount
    The amount of the scholarship is a percentage calculated from the tuition fee for studies in English specified in Annex No. 5 to the Statute of CTU in Prague.
    Based on the number of credit points obtained, the specific percentage is calculated as follows:

    Credit points scholarship amount expressed by the percentage
    of the tuition fee for studies in English

    3080 %
    2977 %
    2874 %
    2771 %
    2668 %
    2565 %
    2462 %
    2359 %
    2256 %
    2153 %
    2050 %

  4. The scholarship is paid in April for the spring semester and in December for the winter semester. The scholarship is not subject to a special application, it is paid automatically by the Faculty based on the study results entered in the KOS information system.

This measure regulates scholarship payments from 1. 9. 2020.


In Prague on 1. 7. 2020

prof. Ing. Jiří Máca, CSc.