Dean´s Directive No. 5/2018Ref. 5VD/921/2018




I hereby announce the exceptional admission procedure to the following Bachelor´s degree study programmes:

  • Civil Engineering/Stavební inženýrství
  • Architecture and Building Engineering
  • Geodesy and Cartography
  • Building Engineering
  • Civil Engineering (language of instruction: English)


The following dates apply for the exceptional admission procedure:

Date for submitting applications for study1. 6. – 31. 7. 2018
Date of the entrance examination29. 8. 2018
Date for settling the fee related to the admission procedure31. 7. 2018
Date for submitting the authenticated copy of the school leaving certificate
this date is not applicable for the school leaving examination taken in September.
In the case that the school leaving examination is taken in September: immediately after receiving the certificate, no later than by 26. 9. 2018
31. 7. 2018
Date for submitting the certificate of validation or recognition of a school-leaving certificate from abroad
or the certificate of passing an examination in Czech
together with the application or no later than on 26. 9. 2018 in person during registration for study
Date for registration for study in the first year:3. - 6. 9. or 26. 9. 2018


For the process of submitting the application form, the course of the admission procedure and detailed information on the entrance examination see the Dean´s Directive 1/2017.

The admission of applicants for study in the exceptional admission procedure is regulated by

Admissions are submitted electronically in the database

The electronic application must be printed from the database and sent by post by registered letter at the address: Faculty of Civil Engineering, Admission Procedure, Thákurova 7, 166 29 Praha 6. The application cannot be included in the admission procedure without sending the printed output from the electronic database. The exact time and place of holding the entrance examination will be announced to the applicants via the database for the appropriate electronic application.


17th April 2018

prof. Ing. Jiří Máca, CSc. m.p.
Faculty Dean