Information on the Foreign Doctoral Degree Program
at the Faculty of Civil Engineering


Doctoral Degree Programs are offered to civil engineers who wish to prepare for their future scientific research career. The study lasts for four years and is completed by the defense of the doctoral thesis upon which the degree of Ph.D. is conferred (to be used after the name). The duration of the Doctoral Degree Program can be shortened depending on the intensity of the student´s work.


The Faculty of Civil Engineering offers the following branches of study


Doctoral Degree Program - CIVIL ENGINEERING (P 3607)

CodeBranch of studyDirector of study
3911V005Physical and Material Engineering prof. Ing. Zdeněk Bittnar, DrSc.
3904V007Environmental Engineering doc. Dr. Ing. Tomáš Dostál
3607V009Building and Structural Engineering prof. Ing. Vladimír Křístek, DrSc.
3607V034Mathematics in Civil Engineering doc. RNDr. Jozef Bobok, CSc.
3608V001Building Engineering prof. Ing. Jan Tywoniak, CSc.
3607V054Construction Management and Engineering prof. Ing. Renáta Schneiderová-Heralová, Ph.D.
3902V034Systems Engineering in the Building Industry and Capital Construction doc. Ing. Dalibor Vytlačil, CSc.
3607V027Water Engineering and Water Management prof. Ing. Tomáš Vogel, CSc.


this program is offered only in Czech language

CodeBranch of studyDirector of study
3501V011Architecture and Building Engineering prof. Ing. arch. Ing. Zuzana Pešková, Ph.D
3501V013Sustainable development and industrial heritage prof. Ing. arch. Tomáš Šenberger


Doctoral Degree Program - GEODESY AND CARTOGRAPHY (P 3646)

CodeBranch of studyDirector of study
3646V003Geodesy and Cartography prof. Ing. Jiří Pospíšil, CSc.


Doctoral Degree Program - ACOUSTIC

Director of study: prof. Ing. Ondřej Jiříček, CSc. (Faculty of Electrical Engineering)


Information for Foreign Doctoral Degree Program Applicants


The admission of applicants to Doctoral Degree Study Program is regulated by the following documents:
- Conditions for Admission to Study in Doctoral Degree Study Programmes at the FCE
- The Dean´s Directive on the Admission Procedure to Doctoral Degree Study Programmes at FCE

The Faculty offers four-year Doctoral Degree Programs to foreign applicants.

Doctoral studies are presumed for university graduates who have achieved a level of study corresponding to MSc. For applying you need a nostrification of your degree - see for information

In order to be able to assess the student´s previous study results, the Faculty requires a copy of the diploma testifying to previously attained education and a list of courses passed during their university studies with corresponding marks to be attached to the application form. Based on these materials, the Faculty verifies whether the applicant qualifies for the pertinent branch of the Doctoral Degree Program.

The candidates have to choose the branch of study according to their specialization before the submission of their application for study. They have to contact the Director of this study branch with the help of the Department of Science and Research. The Director of study branch will nominate their supervisor and determine the department where the students will conduct their study. The supervisor will guide the students during their study.

Applications are commonly processed twice a year. The opening procedure commonly includes an interview with the director of the respective study branch and the supervisor.

Ph.D. students design their own individual plan of study that must list six courses suggested by the supervisor. These courses are compulsory. In addition, optional courses may be added to the plan upon the supervisor´s recommendation. During the initial two years of study, doctoral students attend lectures selected by their supervisors.

Students of the Doctoral Degree Program have to pass mandatory examinations in one foreign language (excluding English and their native language) that can be selected from the options offered by the Department of Languages. However, attendance in the language courses is not obligatory for students with a good command of the languages who are able to meet the examination requirements without any special preparation. Further information can be obtained from the Department of Languages at the Faculty.

Ph.D. students do not attend any compulsory lectures in their third and fourth year of study; they concentrate on the preparation for the State Doctoral Examination and continue their work on the doctoral thesis and its defense.

The department where the students (only in the full-time program) pursue their study can assign them up to 4 hours of unpaid teaching load per week. Furthermore, they are responsible for participating in departmental research activities in order to gain research experience.

Ph.D. students prepare for the State Doctoral Examination that is to test the scope and quality of the students´ knowledge within the entire specialization and their ability to acquire and implement new knowledge creatively. This examination has to be passed within four years from entering the Doctoral Degree Program. At this exam, doctoral degree students are expected to prove their professional theoretical knowledge covering their entire specialization. In order to be able to achieve this goal, they must prepare for this examination throughout the whole period of their study.

Furthermore, Ph.D. students must defend their doctoral thesis. At the beginning of their study, doctoral students select the subject specification for their doctoral thesis and centre their research activities around it.

Ph.D. students must submit their doctoral thesis within the period not exceeding seven years after their registration for study. Thereafter the defense of the doctoral thesis will not exceed eight years.

The Doctoral Degree Program can be studied either in Czech or in English (excluding the Doctoral Degree Program Architecture and Building Engineering - it is only in Czech). The form of the Doctoral Degree Program study can be either full-time or part time.

The responsibility of part-time Ph.D. students to study and pass examinations is equal to that of full-time students. However, part-time students take compulsory consultations instead of attending lectures in the semester time. The Ph.D. student´s supervisor determines the number of compulsory consultations per semester. In contrast to full-time Ph.D. students, part-time Ph.D. students have no responsibilities at their departments.


Fees for foreign students studying in English

Fees paid by foreign Ph.D. students studying in English full-time as well as part-time
The tuition fee for foreign Ph.D. students studying in English is determined in the amount of 69 000 CZK per semester according to the Statut CTU, Annex 5. The amount of the fee is specified by the Dean in a contract (agreement) with the student. Accommodation, board and health insurance are arranged and covered by the doctoral students themselves.
Ph.D. students studying in Czech do not pay any fee.


Scholarships for foreign students

Foreign Ph.D. students studying in Czech full- time
Successful candidates for full-time study, who are graduated civil engineers, receive the student status for another four years. Thus, they are entitled to a monthly scholarship, food vouchers and accommodation in university halls of residence at a reduced student price. They can also receive a reduction on the public transportation pass. Foreign Ph.D. students studying in Czech Republic have to arrange and cover health insurance themselves if they do not have the Czech citizenship.
The scholarship can be paid only for a  standard study time, i.e. 48 months. The amount of the scholarships is stipulated by the Dean´s directive VD 3/2019 (in Czech).

Foreign Ph.D. students studying in part- time and students studying in English are not entitled to scholarships

Moreover, the Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering can grant special financial rewards to students for excellent study results.

Instruction of students/interns of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU in Prague about H&S and FS


In order to be able to settle in writing any possible inadequacies occurring in the submitted materials, the Faculty requires the application forms to be sent by mid-April and mid-November. The academic year for the Doctoral Degree Program commences on the 1st March and 1st October every year.

Please send the applications to Mrs. Ing. Radmila Hamarová at the Department of Science and Research.
For further information about study in English write to:
Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU Prague
Department of Science and Research
Ing. Radmila Hamarová
Thákurova 7
CZ 166 29 Prague 6, Czech Republic