Information on the defence of the doctoral thesis


The doctoral thesis must be submitted no later than within 7 years from the starting date of doctoral degree study, and study must be completed within 8 years from enrolment (duration of the maximum time of study). The time of interruptions of study is also included in the maximum time of study.

The proceedings for the defence and the holding of the defence are organised by the Department of Science and Research.

The application for permission to defend the doctoral thesis (see the form below) is submitted by a Ph.D. student to the Department of Science and Research (Room No. C-109) and supplied with all due documents (specified in the application form), with 4 copies of the doctoral thesis and 12 pieces of theses in the A5 format (an abridgement of the doctoral thesis of 10-20 pages.) and poster with dimensions of 70 x 100 cm (including the following: student´s name, title of the doctoral thesis, tutor´s name, department, faculty, period of doctoral study, abstract, results, outputs).

Besides, a student also submits an Excerpt from the V3S (Science, Research International Relations) database:
In the list of publications which is a part of theses, in the case of shared authorship, a Ph.D. student states their own approximate author´s share as a percentage for each publication.
Students in the programme of Civil Engineering and Geodesy and Cartography are required the following (this requirement applies to students who completed a block of study (i.e. professional courses according to their individual study plan, passed an examination in English and a debate) after 21.6.2012):
a) at least one article published in a peer-reviewed journal registered in the SCOPUS database
b) in this article, a Ph.D. student should be the author with an author´s share of at least 60% stated in the V3S database

Besides, a Ph.D. student shall send electronically a file (max. 1 page of A4 text) in a WORD format containing a brief abstract of the doctoral thesis in the language of the submitted doctoral thesis, an abstract in English and key words at Please write each individual abstract as continuous text without paragraphs, text highlighting, indents and other formatting elements. This text is entered in the KOS database after the doctoral thesis defence.

Application for permission to defend the doctoral thesis    DOC ; PDF

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Information on the doctoral thesis, theses and the course of proceedings for its defence may be found in the Study and Examination Regulations for Students of the CTU in Prague.