Unified appearance of doctoral theses Faculty of Civil Engineering


The form of the dissertations is subject to the new graphic manual of CTU.
Recommended font is TECHNIKA CTU. (Instructions for installing the font - see *.) You can use the font ARIAL.

  1. Binding:

  2. 1st inside page

  3. Declaration

  4. Abstract in Czech

  5. Abstract in English

  6. Table of Content

  7. Text (including the apparatus of footnotes)

  8. Bibliography

A doctoral thesis shall be printed on both sides of the paper.

A doctoral thesis is written in accordance with these documents:
- The Dean´s Directive for the Defence of Doctoral Students´ Dissertations at the FCE
- CTU Ethical Code

Direct quotations (i.e. text of a quoted author) are recommended to be written in italics.

A CD with a full text version shall be attached to the back cover of the doctoral thesis.


* Instructions for installing the font you can find in INFOREK
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