Erasmus+ and Exchange students




How to apply

  • Check the deadline for applicants of your sending institution and the eligibility criteria
    Each Higher Education Institution has its own deadline for applications. You should start your preparations by checking all of the deadlines. This is really important, because there are usually only one or two time frames when you can submit your application for going on Erasmus+ Mobility for studies each year.

  • Choose the institution where you want to go on exchange
    Things to remember when choosing the institution where you will be studying abroad:
    • Check the list of institutions you can go to. You can do your Erasmus+ Mobility for studies in any institution that has an agreement with your own institution. This information should be available on the website of the institution or your faculty. If you cannot find it, consult the International Relation Office or ask the Erasmus Coordinator of your university.
    • Check the programme for the semester at your sending institution – see what the mandatory subjects are and how many free electives you have.
    • Check the study programme in the potential receiving institutions and see if they have comparable learning outcomes.

  • Apply at your sending institution
    Each HEI has its own application procedure. Sometimes you will have to submit your CV and motivation letter, in other case you will have to present yourself in front of a special commission to be chosen. Most countries also require a language test or a proof of your language capabilities in form of a certificate. In all cases, make sure you are well prepared!

  • Prepare the necessary documents
    The Erasmus+ programme will allow you to transfer your learning outcomes from the receiving institution to your sending institution, but to complete this process successfully you will need to prepare and submit several documents before, during and after you exchange.


Complete informations are available at CTU web site



Contact CTU

Contact person for incoming students: Mrs. Lucie Bilova
International Office of CTU in Prague
Zikova 4, 166 36, PRAGUE 6
Czech Republic

In addition to the application form please also remember to send your Transcript of records.
The application process for your study exchange begins when you send the printed, signed and stamped forms.

Please don´t forget to meet the application deadline for summer semester and application deadline for winter semester. Applications received after the deadline cannot be accepted! The deadlines are here.

Official Erasmus details:
Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Erasmus ID code: CZ PRAHA 10
EUC (Erasmus charter) no: 51698-IC-1-2007-1CZ-ERASMUS-EUCX-1



Contact FCE

Coordinator of ERASMUS programme: doc. Václav Kuráž
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department of Irrigation, Drainage and Landscape Engineering
Thákurova 7, 166 29 PRAGUE 6
Czech Republic

Room:   B-604
Phone: +420 22435 4741