Entrance examination step by step


If you successfully submit your application form and send the required documents, follow these steps:

  1. The entrance examination consists of a written test in branch-oriented thematic areas.

  2. For applicants who completed their study in a related Bachelor degree branch of study at FCE in the 2019/2020 or 2018/2019 academic year, the results of their oral examinations in thematic areas of the state graduation examination will be recognised as the results of the entrance examination. The number of points for the entrance examination will be specified as the average of the point evaluation of the examinations in thematic areas.

  3. Gain the minimum number of points for the entrance examination necessary for admission to study.

  4. Upon written request, the entrance examination may be waived by the Dean to foreign citizens (excluding applicants from the Slovak Republic) who apply for study in the study programme of Civil Engineering and certify their corresponding knowledge of English in the application form.

  5. These applicants will receive a written decision on admission to study after they have sent the authenticated copy of the school-leaving certificate, or a certificate of its recognition if it was passed abroad, or a nostrification of the school-leaving certificate from abroad.

  6. The applicants whose written entrance examination has not been waived will be invited to the entrance examination by registered letter no later than three weeks before the examination date.

  7. Each applicant will be informed about the entrance examination result on the day of taking the examination or the following day after the examination in the database prihlaska.cvut.cz.