Information for current students


Summary instructions for FCE students and employees in limited operation due to the coronavirus crisis.


Dean´s Order No. 6/2020 for mitigating risks of coronavirus infection in the period from 12.10.2020.


Methodological Instruction of the Vice-Dean for Education No. 1/2020 for the course of instruction in the winter semester of the 2020/2021 academic year.


Display of the time schedule and courses in KOS. Dear students, if your time schedule and courses registered in this semester have "disappeared" in KOS, select the option "last semester" in the menu and the time schedule and courses will reappear. This is caused by the fact that the marking of semesters has been centrally changed and the spring semester is already displayed as the current semester. The reason is the preparation of the time schedule for the spring semester.


How to arrange matters at Student Administration in the current situation when the Faculty buildings are closed:
A) student status certificate, registration for the semester, change in courses (respective codes must be added) – will be arranged exclusively based on a student´s e-mail
B) other matters, potentially making an appointment to personally visit Student Administration can be arranged by email or by phone
Thank you for understanding.


On 27.11. instruction in first-year study programmes will also be cancelled.


Special purpose scholarship for students in study programmes of Civil Engineering and Water and Environmental Engineering. - Dean´s Measure No. 12/2020.


Dean´s Directive for the Implementation of Bachelor´s and Master´s Degree Study Programmes at the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague. This Directive comes into effect starting from 1. 7. 2020.


Study plans and courses for academic year 2020/21.


2020/2021 Academic year schedule FCE CTU.

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