Jobs in the Field

Is your company looking for university graduates or students?

Internships, practical training, part-time jobs or job offers. We know that the Faculty of Civil Engineering’s graduates and students are in high demand in the construction industry. Therefore, to facilitate mutual contact, a special Facebook group has been set up where offers of cooperation in the respective field can be freely posted and customized to suit your needs.

Offers of cooperation or employment are posted in the Facebook group “Job offers for civil engineers and architects from CTU”. To be able to add advertisements you need to apply for membership in the group. 

Advertisements can also be posted in English.


  1. The group is moderated, we only approve job postings in the professional field.
  2. Posting a position is free of charge.
  3. By posting a job offer, the advertising company agrees to be contacted by the PR Department of the Faculty of Civil Engineering to obtain feedback on its graduates in practice and an offer of further cooperation with the Faculty.

How to proceed?
It is necessary to ask for membership in the group.

FCE CTU’s FB pages and groups are administered by the PR Department of the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague. 

For questions, please contact us by email at:


  1. Professional job openings
    Only job positions relevant to the branches studied at the Faculty can be posted.
  2. Job posting format
    The usual information must be provided (job description, requirements for candidates, remuneration). You can attach an image or a link to a given job opening on the website. The contact person must be included.
  3. The posting company is responsible for the accuracy of the data in the job posting.
    The Faculty of Civil Engineering cannot be held accountable for the content of published advertisements nor for the grammatical correctness, veracity and relevance of the stated data.
  4. Outdated job postings should be removed.
    Non-current positions should be removed or commented on.

Responsible: prof. Ing. Karel Kabele, CSc.