Student life

Mission Impossible, Spider-Man, Amadeus, Casino Royale, From Hell, The Illusionist. Do you know what all these world-famous films and many others have in common? They were all partly shot on location in Prague. In many of the film scenes you can see both the historic and the modern part of the city. Because that’s exactly what Prague is like.

It has been evolving into its present appearance for eleven centuries now. It was the capital of the Duchy of Bohemia and the Czech Kingdom, and the seat of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. Prague Castle, the largest castle complex in the world, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the same time, you can find a number of masterpieces of modern architecture there, too.

As a student, you will be able to get thoroughly acquainted with this beautiful city. You will enjoy not only delicious food and the famous Czech beer, monuments, concerts, exhibitions, but also the friendly student community at CTU where lots of events are held on the campus and directly at our Faculty. And, if you want, you can participate in many of them.

If you manage your time effectively, in addition to your duties at the Faculty, you will also have enough free time for the activities that the student life in Prague and on the Dejvice Campus offers.

Student associations


Student Faculty Club

ŠTUK (STUdent Klub) was established on the students’ initiative in 2012, and its operation and activities have always been managed by the students. It focuses on the student life at school – it organizes, for example, the Formwork Welcome Party, but also field trips, workshops, discussions, lectures, film screenings and other events for future engineers and architects who do not want to spend their time at school by learning only. There is also a clubroom (As140) available, where you can relax, sit down with a book or chat with friends.

Student Chamber of the FCE Academic Senate

Student representatives in the Faculty management body

The Student Chamber of the FCE Academic Senate is comprised of 12 members, who are elected by direct and secret ballot for a three-year term. A total of 6 Bachelor and Master degree students and 6 Doctoral degree students were elected for the new three-year period of 2020–2022. Their main agenda is to represent the Faculty students and to defend their interests. At the same time, they participate in all the activities, events and decision making of the Academic Senate.

CTU Student Union

It is an umbrella organization for a large number of clubs active at CTU, including dormitory ones

The CTU Student Union associates 24 clubs that are active not only at individual faculties, but also in dormitories or throughout the whole of CTU in general. At the same time, it is an independent organization with its own management, structure, rules and mission, which helps to pursue many people’s common interests. Its activities and the activities of associated clubs, offer, for example, a number of sports competitions, all sorts of lectures, music festivals, film screenings and much more.


Student internships abroad, job fairs, MALTA adaptation course

IAESTE operates at universities in 85 countries around the world and its main activity is the organization of professionally oriented student internships abroad. In the Czech Republic, it is active at eight universities and, in addition to the arrangement of internships abroad, it also focuses on mediating contacts between the students and companies as their potential employers; it runs the Job Fair. It also organizes the MALTA adaptation course.


Educational courses abroad, engineering competitions

BEST (the Board of European Students of Technology) has been supporting European students in their mutual communication, cooperation and exchanges since 1989. The aim of this organization is to prepare them for work in an international environment and to extend their professional, communication and presentation skills. Within the BEST courses, the CTU students can travel abroad to attend 1-to-2-week technically oriented courses held at a European university. BEST Prague is also the organizer of engineering competitions.

Sports activities

Physical Training Course

Traditional as well as non-traditional sports and activities

Instruction at the Faculty includes sports activities as well. The students can choose from more than 50 diverse sports, including, in addition to the classical ones, Irish dances, Japanese fencing, geocaching, archery, meditation practice or the bosu workout. The registration for one sport is obligatory for the students in the 1st and 2nd semester, while in the following semesters sport becomes an elective. The students can choose the number of sports according to their interests and potential.

Fitness Centre right on the Faculty premises

The Fitness Centre brings together everyone interested in recreational workout, and is open exclusively to the Faculty students and staff. It is located in Building B (Room B-150) and fitted with the basic workout equipment, modern fitness machines, exercise ladders, benches and various types of dumbbells. There is also a women’s and men’s dressing room with a shower. The fee is CZK 400 per calendar year, and you can register in the D1028 (Mr. Mariánek) or D1023 office (Mr. Hadrbolec) in Building D.

Responsible: prof. Ing. arch. Ing. Zuzana Pešková, Ph.D.