Merit scholarship

For self-paid bachelor and master students


  • you obtained a minimum of 60 credit points for the academic year for completed courses
  • the number of graded courses in the academic year was greater than or equal to 8
  • your weighted study average for that academic year was less than or equal to 1.50
  • you studied in a full-time form of study within the standard length of study

Monthly scholarship setting

weighted study averagemonthly scholarship in CZK
1,00 – 1,1010 . X
1,11 – 1,30  6 . X
1,31 – 1,50  3 . X

Bc X = 400,- CZK, MSc X = 200,- CZK, the actual “X” is determined by the amount of fund earmarked for merit scholarships.

Not granted for July and August.

Payment terms: December and August, paid automatically.

Bachelors obtain their first scholarship during the second semester (provided they achieved 30 credit points, 4 graded courses and weighted study average less than or equal to 1.50 in the 1. semester); otherwise, the scholarship award depends on results of previous academic year.

Special Purpose Scholarship

In the previous semester you fulfilled following conditions:

  • obtained a minimum of 20 credit units
  • reached a weighted study average of max. 2.500
  • studied within the standard length of study.

The amount of the scholarship is set as the percentage calculated from the amount of the paid tuition fee:

  1. bachelor: e.g. 30 credit points = 80% of the paid tuition fee (44.000,- CZK), 25 credit points = 65% (35.750,- CZK), 20 credit points = 50% (27.500,- CZK)

Payment terms: December and April, paid automatically, the amount concerns one semester.

Special Purpose Scholarship for Graduating

The Dean grants the following special purpose scholarship for graduating from a study programme with the result of passed with distinction (always with respect to the current financial funds available):

A) Bachelor´s degree study

passed with distinction
for overall weighted study average of
1,0020 000,- CZK
1,01 – 1,5010 000,- CZK

B) Master´s degree study

passed with distinction
for overall weighted study average of
1,005 000,- CZK
1,01 – 1,103 000,- CZK
1,11 – 1,302 000,- CZK

Paid automatically.

CTU grant for master students

For excellent foreign students studying master´s degree programs who can prove their qualities, which entitle them to obtain the scholarship.

The scholarship covers the basic living cost up to 10. 000, – CZK per month (the CTU scholarship fund and the faculty scholarship fund participate equally in the scholarship payment). The scholarship is awarded for a period of 6 – 12 months.

Responsible: prof. Ing. arch. Ing. Zuzana Pešková, Ph.D.