Basic Information

Doctoral degree study programmes offer the highest formal education level whose main feature is an individual approach and independent scientific activity in cooperation with an experienced supervisor aimed at the elaboration and defence of a dissertation on a selected topic. This format is the preparation for a future research career as well as a highly qualified performance in numerous other professions.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague ranks among top-rated workplaces in its field and, in a long-term perspective, doctoral degree studies have been considered as one of its priorities. The Faculty offers studies in a variety of interesting programmes and cooperation with excellent specialists in their field, who act as supervisors at renowned workplaces equipped with modern infrastructure. Students can be involved in research solving diverse research projects, work in high-quality laboratories, compete for scholarships and grants and complete part of their studies abroad. 


The Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague offers two types of study. Bachelor and Master degree study programmes run exclusively full-time. Students in doctoral degree study programmes, however, can choose between full-time and combined study.


The full-time type of doctoral degree studies (DS) allows students to retain all student’s benefits, such as, e.g., eligibility for scholarships, dormitory accommodation, or potentially accommodation scholarship and reduced public transportation. Together with the application for study, the student also chooses a supervisor and a framework topic of the dissertation. Student’s duties include setting up a study plan, doing teaching practice and, among others, completing a three-month branch-oriented study stay abroad. A full-time post-graduate student can also teach as a lecturer at the Department where they are studying or can have a simultaneous part-time employment contract there to work on research projects.




The combined type of doctoral degree studies represents an interesting option for those who want or need to combine studies with employment. Although the students are no longer eligible for scholarships and their duties are similar to those in the full-time study, they have one more year to fulfil their study duties. At the same time, they do not have to teach at the Department or complete a study stay abroad. Thus, they can use the degree for their future more attractive position at the labour market.



Responsible: prof. Dr. Ing. Bořek Patzák