Online enrolment Bachelor’s

On-line enrolment in the 1 year of Bachelor degree study programmes

How to enrol?

If you have been successful in the admissions proceedings and have received the Decision on Admission to Study at our Faculty (which is also displayed in your Electronic application), you have to enrol in your studies.

  • Enrolment is online after logging into the Electronic application, i.e. you do not have to come to the Faculty in person.
  • You choose one of the date which you want to be enrolled. There are 2 enrolment dates and their respective registration periods are announced (see the table below).
  • You become a student on the date of enrolment.

Open your electronic application and confirm your enrolment in the “Online enrolment” section by pressing the button.

Table of dates

Choose an enrollment date and register during the registration period:

Student registration for online enrolment
(period when you can click on the enrollment button)
Enrolment date
(day you become our student)
From 1. 6. 2024 to 21. 7. 2024
23. 7. 2024
From 25. 7. 2024 to 8. 9. 2024
10. 9. 2024

At the end of the registration period, all registered applicants will be enrolled with effect from the announced enrolment date.

The choice of the registration period has no effect on further steps in your studies. Earlier enrolment only means an earlier student status and the possibility of enjoying student status benefits.

Responsible: prof. Ing. arch. Ing. Zuzana Pešková, Ph.D.