Faculty Mission

Faculty mission

The mission of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University is to educate future experts and prepare them for employment in construction, architecture and surveying. At the same time, the Faculty is also engaged in scientific and research, development and innovation, artistic and other creative activities and thus contributes to the development of science and modern technology solutions.

When asked how we manage to fulfil this mission, the Dean of the Faculty, prof. Jiří Máca, responds.

In which way are we exceptional?

The Faculty is aptly characterized by three words: tradition – quality – prospects. We are an excellent workplace with more than three hundred years of tradition, which obliges us to ensure the highest quality of our educational and research activities. Thus, both our graduates and employees have good career prospects in their branch.

Why should I study at our Faculty in particular?

We provide high-quality education in all key areas of the building industry – civil engineering, architecture and surveying. We offer a wide range of study programmes with a choice of attractive specializations.

We are a time-tested school that responds to the trends of modern society while maintaining solid fundamentals of engineering skills. Just as masters passed on their art to apprentices at building works during the construction of cathedrals, so the academics pass on their knowledge and experience to students, open their eyes, show them the way.

What is the position of our graduates in practice?

Modern teaching methods, corresponding research support facilities and a stable team of teachers composed of respected experts are the main pillars that provide our graduates with good employment prospects in their branch. Most of our senior students work part-time, and after graduation, the vast majority of our graduates already have challenging jobs. I can personally confirm this as I keep asking newly graduated engineers at graduation ceremonies about their plans for the future and the answer “I’m looking for a job” is almost non-existent.

The Faculty signifies not only study, but also research…

Civil engineering is a creative industry – it combines theory and practice. It requires creative thinking, finding operative solutions to unique problems. We must constantly move forward, innovate, implement new technologies. This would be impossible without high-quality research. We are one of the few Czech faculties comparable with the European and worldwide leaders in our field, both in fundamental and applied research. We have well-equipped laboratories for research into building structures and materials, water management engineering, our unique workplace is the Josef Underground Gallery, we are proud of our own observatory, attractive architectural studios, and we are trying to use these support facilities to the maximum to educate students and train new researchers who will also be involved in our research projects.

Strategic goals

The Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague respects the strategic goals of the Czech Technical University in Prague, whose main goals are to participate in the development of society and to be a good ambassador for education, technical progress and artistic creativity. At the same time, it aims to strengthen its position as an internationally recognized research university, developing the talents and abilities of its students, academic staff and other employees.

The goal of the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague is to use all its means to help to meet the above CTU strategic goals and, according to its motto of “TRADITION – QUALITY – PROSPECTS”, build the Faculty as an excellent workplace with three hundred years of tradition, which offers high-quality education in civil engineering, architecture or surveying and guarantees its graduates good career prospects in their branch.

Responsible: prof. Jiří Máca, CSc.