Traineeships & Intrenships

Traineeships & Internships

The Faculty of Civil Engineering offers an opportunity for qualified international students to undertake an internship or traineeship to improve their skills and gain new experience in various fields of civil engineering. If you wish to become an intern, you need to be invited by one of our departments or laboratories who manage the internship independently. FCE CTU as a whole does not offer internship or traineeship positions.

The details of any internship or traineeship must be negotiated individually with responsible persons or supervisors from the particular departments. However, the interns or trainees should be accepted for academic purposes preferably with the internship periods concentrated to the academic semester as the faculty operates with major limitations during summer vacations.

Please refer to or for the most recent offer of traineeship and internship positions at our faculty.

Responsible: Ing. Jan Kočí, Ph.D.