We organize competitions

We organize competitions

As an independent type of education, the Faculty of Civil Engineering also supports a number of student competitions organized for participants from secondary schools as well as for university students.


An action packed and exciting competition for secondary school students. Two- to three-member teams of secondary school students compete on the Faculty campus in loading models of structures built according to the assignment. Thus, students acquire a sense of structural engineering and structure’s behaviour, have the opportunity to apply their ideas, skills and try teamwork. The competition is held under the auspices of the Faculty Dean and sponsored by a number of companies from the construction sector. The professional guarantor of the competition is the Department of Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague.


A new assignment is always prepared for each year of the competition and each category. The most efficient model wins, i.e. the model with the highest ratio of its load capacity to its dead weight. The Faculty teachers act as members of the professional jury of the competition.

The competition is divided into two categories. In Category A, teams compete with models built at home according to the previously specified criteria. In Category B, they compete with models that will be created directly at the Faculty on the competition day, the rules for this category are always published on the spot, on the competition day.

Students can apply to either one or both categories. In both categories, they can win attractive financial prizes.


The Junior Hall of the Year competition was established in 2007 and is held regularly every year. During its entire existence, more than a thousand competitors from secondary schools from all over the Czech Republic have taken part in it. Many of them later became the Faculty students, too. In 2020 and 2021, the competition could not be held due to the pandemic.


Hala roku JUNIOR 2021 se s ohledem na vývoj epidemiologické situace nekonala.


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