Research Activities at the Faculty

Research activities at the Faculty

Research is one of the principal components of the activity at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. In its key areas, it is oriented towards research into new materials, structures and technologies with a focus on their durability and reliability within a building’s life cycle. At the same time, it always examines the studied issues in a complex way so that wider aspects of the interaction of building structures with the environment can be applied.

Research activity

The Faculty is involved in both fundamental as well as applied research. The research activity is mostly conducted through research grant projects. International projects are primarily supported from the European Union’s funds, and domestic projects largely from the funds of the Czech Science Foundation, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic or individual departmental ministries.  Numerous achievements are also the product of direct cooperation with industrial partners.

The organizational and thematic structure of research stems primarily from the orientation of individual departments. Research plans and some grant projects solved with the participation of multiple workplaces act as an important integrating element. External cooperation with other universities, institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences, departmental establishments, companies and foreign institutions is also of great importance.

Responsible: prof. Dr. Ing. Bořek Patzák