Publishing Activity

Publishing activity

Database of Publishing activity outputs

The application files achievements of research and development and other activities of scientists and researchers within the scientific community. The V3S applications serves to submit achievements to RIV, export them for statistical analyses and make internal assessments of research and development activity.

Publicly accessible data can be searched without registration.

Civil Engineering Journal

Civil Engineering Journal continues the tradition of the oldest journal in civil engineering, which was published under the name of Stavební obzor (the Technical Bulletin). The first issue of the journal came out in 1950.

The journal is published by the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague four times a year.

ACTA POLYTECHNICA, Journal of Advanced Engineering

The scientific journal is published by CTU in Prague. Thematically, it covers a broad spectrum of topics in engineering, physics and mathematics.

Responsible: prof. Dr. Ing. Bořek Patzák