Building Engineering

The study in this program is subjected to tuition fees charged.

The doctoral degree study programme in Building Engineering lays qualified foundations for research and development in the complex design and assessment of buildings and their parts.


The future of building structures

We are at the cutting edge of building structures. Our students participate in the research, development and application of progressive structures, materials and structural solutions in newly built as well as renovated buildings. The studies in the doctoral programme of Building Engineering enables work in theoretical and experimental research focused on the sustainable construction of buildings, energy and material efficient structures, structural design of load-bearing systems of multi-storey and hall buildings, the design of final assembly structures (including their interaction with load-bearing structures), building physics, fire safety, health safety, degradation processes of structures and materials, failures, rehabilitation, microbiological influences, construction diagnostics, etc.

Career prospects

The graduates will find most diverse employment opportunities, as e.g.:


Guarantor and Branch Board Chair of the Doctoral degree study programme of
Building Engineering

Responsible: prof. Dr. Ing. Bořek Patzák