Doctoral degree study programme

The Doctoral degree study programme in Acoustics is an interfaculty programme implemented at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.


Leading experts with “hands-on” experience

The graduates of the Doctoral degree study programme in Acoustics will be able to engage in individual as well as team research in the field of the measurement technology and software applications used for research, development and diagnostic purposes in various areas within the branch. The graduates will be able to communicate the results of their work to a wider professional public, both in the form of scientific articles and presentations or research reports.

The graduates will gain knowledge and experience in the following areas:

Career prospects

The graduates of the Acoustics programme will readily find employment e.g.:


Guarantor and Branch Board Chair of the Doctoral degree study programme of

Responsible: prof. Dr. Ing. Bořek Patzák